101% Feminized Cup Champions!

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the fastest growing and most respected cannabis seeds breeders in the world with an unbelievable number of major awards to their credit. From their Dutch headquarters, they have created an extensive line of organic, 100% feminized seeds that are absolutely stunning. Best of all, Royal Queen Seeds has kept the prices low on these brilliant cannabis seeds so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of their favourite herb.

If you’re ready to take your collection of 5-star cannabis seeds to the next level, explore the Royal Queen Seeds catalog. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here! To see more seeds have a look at Gorilla Seeds, The Vault’s Cannabis Seeds Store and Sensi Seeds’ White Label Seeds.

Outstanding Quality Seeds

  • Royal Queen Seeds Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic – A Better Blueberry!

    Original Blueberry lovers take note! Blue Mistic is an even juicier, Cup-Winning strain from the Pacific Northwest. With just a touch of Northern Lights, this frosty lady is a great choice for indoors.

    Blue Mystic is an extremely short, Indica-dominant cannabis seed with practically no stretch. She hits the peak of sweetness at about 8 weeks, but the stone is more developed at 10. It’s all up to you with this superstar!

    From RRP £ 33.49

  • royal Queen Ice Seeds

    Ice Seeds – Nothing’s Frostier than this Cold-Hearted Vixen!

    ICE stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, and this beautiful feminized seed certainly lives up to her name! Thanks to an extremely thick layer of White resin, Ice Seeds look like they’ve been dusted with powdery snow. She’s killer!

    This mix of pure Afghan, Northern Lights & Skunk genetics is mostly Indica for full-bodied, couch-locking stones. At about 35 to 45 gr/seed, Ice isn’t a massive yielder, but she more than makes up for it with a double dose of power. There’s no waste with this baby – even the trimmings make great hash!

    From RRP £ 38.50

6 Reasons You Should Always Collect Genuine Royal Queen Seeds!

These feminized seeds practically sell themselves, but here are our favourite reasons to always go with authentic Royal Queen Seeds:

  • * Every Seed is Fully Tested for Genetic Purity & Viability
  • * 100% Organic Breeding Stock from Elite Strains Like White & Haze
  • * All Feminized Seeds are Hand-Chosen to Ensure Top Quality
  • * Every Seed is Vacuum-Sealed For Freshness
  • * RQS Has a High Percentage of Cup-Winning Breeds
  • * High Yields, Extreme Power, Decadent Flavours & Mind-Blowing Effects

You Can’t Go Wrong With Authentic Royal Queen Seeds!

If you’re in the market for feminized cannabis seeds that have been fully tested for stability, uniformity, power, flavour & effect, you’ll be thrilled to the very core with your new Royal Queen Seeds!

Showcase Seed Selection

  • Royal Cheese RQS

    Royal Cheese – Royal Queen Seeds' Take on UK Cheese

    When the seed masters at Royal Queen Seeds got their hands on original UK Cheese, they knew better than to ruin a good thing. Instead, they kept this genetic mix intact and simply feminized it using their proven proprietary techniques. With this single alteration, Royal Cheese isn’t just any Feminized Cheese – it’s the most stable Cheesy Lady in the world!

    A true classic, Royal Cheese Feminized is one of the stinkiest Skunks you’ll ever come across with an epic power rating to match. You’ll love the strong effects, massive yields and intense flavour, but make sure you keep these cannabis seeds within reach of a great filtration system or everyone will know your little secret!

  • Royal Haze Automatic

    Royal Haze Auto

    Royal Haze Auto only needs about 10 to 12 weeks total. Unlike most Haze varieties. Royal Haze Auto stays very short and manageable with an average height of about 60 to 100 cm, but she still puts out the yield, the flavour and the power you would expect from a bona fide Cup champion.

    Almost everyone loves the fresh flavours & uplifting effect that comes with Haze, but few people want to give them the time they need to do their best. Royal Queen Seeds has solved that problem with Royal Haze Auto, another cup-winning autoflowering cannabis seed from their elite collection.

  • Royal Dwarf Auto

    Royal Dwarf – A Pint-Sized Queen with Gigantic Autoflowering Power!

    Royal Dwarf is another autoflowering champion produced by those show-offs at Royal Queen Seeds. This pint-sized princess stays well within the 40 to 60 cm range with tight, sexy nuggs making her a perfect choice for space-challenged collectors. Closets, patios, file cabinets – it’s all good when you’re collecting Royal Dwarf Seeds.

    Like a turbo-charged bonsai, Royal Dwarf is a mini resin factory with incredible speed, generous yields and plenty of power. The flavours & fragrance are exactly what you’d expect from a more traditional Skunk, but no standard cannabis seed can touch this AutoFem’s amazing speed.

    Fromi RRP £ 12.99